February 2022

February 23, 2022

A Reflection of Tastes

Have you thought about bar selections for your wedding? Should you serve liquor, or beer and wine only? According to Nicole, owner of The Wine Flower, you can host a cocktail bar without having to acquire an ABC Permit by using different wines, beers and seltzers instead of liquor to create your cocktails. Talk about a savings without skimping on taste!

Signature drink menus are a great way for couples to share their story through personalized cocktails. Here are three top categories to consider:

1. Sangria

In this punch made from the red or white wine of your choice, you can create a bold, sweet, dry or fruity taste for you guests to enjoy. Mixed with juice, and garnished with an array of fresh fruit makes this selection both full of flavor and bright with color. Add an herb sprig of rosemary, mint or whatever you fancy and, voila, you have the perfect cocktail!

2. Mimosa

Who doesn’t love a little bubbly at their wedding? It is in fact a celebration! These fruited champagnes are an excellent refreshment for before the ceremony, during cocktail hour and reception and during the toasts. Mimosas are also a great choice if having a brunch wedding as they pair well with breakfast goodies. Go the traditional champagne and orange juice route or offer several juice options for guests to enjoy. They won’t be disappointed and neither will you.


3. Wine Cocktails

Dress up your wine with cocktails such as sweet wine daiquiris, wine margaritas, raspberry frosé or herbal seltzer spritzers. The diversity of wine lends itself to be used for interesting and imaginative recipes. Whether you create your own signature flavor or follow the guidance of a seasoned mixologist, potential pairings are endlessly delicious.

February 7, 2022

Coree Forte is someone who knows a thing or two about wedding planning. Owner of Core Creations, L.L.C, she was good enough to share some advice on the beginning steps of the process.

Congratulations; you’re engaged! Now what?

We all know that planning a wedding has the stigma of being stressful. Yours doesn’t have to be…if you follow a few steps.  

Three steps, in fact, that every couple should know about. So let’s dig in:

#1 Hire a Planner/Coordinator ("What is a ship without a sail?")
Great Planners/Coordinators are immensely helping in the wedding planning process. Knowledgeable planners will be your navigation system: they will make it easy to guide you through the process. TIP: the good ones have what we call “problem-solution based backgrounds.”

#2 Set a Budget ("Check Please!")
Whomever writes the check must know how important this is for a stress-free wedding day. It’s the starting point of the process. Everything.... and I do mean everything is based on your budget. Most vendors will ask this question upfront, trust me, it’s not to be intrusive, however it will be the base of every decision you make in moving forward with all plans, big and small.

#3 Create a Guest Count  ("Who's coming to the party?")
Think of it like this: this will be the very first party that you will host as newlyweds! It’s kind of a big deal, but hey, no pressure! Remember in the planning process it’s important to factor in that this is an intimate and to some, a sacred occasion. Not everyone makes the VIP list and that’s okay! Don’t stress if you can’t invite everyone.

Remember, weddings do not have to carry the “stress” stigma. You can mitigate the level of stress by hiring amazing wedding professionals and keeping these three tips in mind. 

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