February 2021

February 16, 2021

Without snooping around a little, you might think that choosing a wedding DJ is no more than making sure they have access to your curated Spotify playlist.

Oh, no no no. We spoke to Rick Weber of Fusion Sound and Lighting - he and his folks have been at this for a long time.

"When I meet a new couple, the biggest unknown is often what a Wedding DJ actually does, says Rick. "'I give you a playlist and you just play it?' is kind of where they're at."

"Your DJ does much more and will work with you to lay out a complete timeline for the evening. You'll discuss how all the milestone events will happen, what your vision is for the evening, what experience you want your guests to have, and so on.

"The main goal in pre planning is to make sure the couple has nothing to worry about except enjoying their special evening," says Rick.

"You can think of your wedding DJ as your guest's personal host for the evening. During the ceremony they will play the music and have microphones so your guests hear every word. After that, the DJ is there to direct your guests, make sure they know what is to come, etc.

"When we get to the reception the wedding DJ sets the stage for the evening's entertainment. And a good DJ will do things beyond the music: the lighting, for example, will set the mood, vibe, or feel for the wedding you envisioned.

"The bottom line," according to Rick, "is this: Music is the main thing a wedding DJ is known for. But that's the easy part: we combine your personal requests, the vibe of the room, guest requests, and our personal 'crowd reading skills' to achieve a packed dance floor. You know: fun!

"A lot goes into what makes a DJ a wedding DJ. Be sure in your search to understand what your personal entertainment vision and goal is for your special day and look for a wedding DJ that can understand this vision and make it become a reality!"

Find out more: https://www.fusionsoundandlighting.com/

February 12, 2021

One of the most "fun" parts of planning your wedding is determining how the wedding party is going to look. (One bride at our Show had a funny-but-true way of putting it: "I'm 27 and I get to play dress-up with real live friends and family! How cool is that?!")

There are so many options, so we spoke with Kristina Prysiazniuk, who founded and owns Hip Chics Formal Wear & Village Tuxedo in Clemmons, NC. She was also a wedding consultant for 12 years, so let's just say she has seen it all and has a great deal of experience.

Kristina: "This should really be fun! You deserve an individualized experience and, if I can brag a bit, Hip Chics understands the importance of these life events. So perhaps the best advice I can provide is to give you this timetable. Any questions, we're happy to talk: 336-602-1714."

Wedding Checklist for Bridesmaids Dresses, Mothers Dresses and Tuxedo/Suits

Bridesmaids Dresses:
8-10 months out - Start selecting color & style options for your dresses
6-8 months out - Book your official fitting appointment for bridesmaids dresses
4-6 months out - The bridesmaids fitting appointment happens (Get as many of your bridesmaids to attend as possible to get the most consistent & accurate measurements.) Measurements for those that cannot attend will need to be called in. *Reminder, the dress order can not be placed until all sizes are in and payments are made.
3-4 months out - The bridesmaids dresses must be ordered by this time! (*Most require 8-12 weeks minimum.)

Mother of the Bride / Mother of the Groom Dresses:
6-8 months out - Mother of the Bride traditionally selects her dress first so make sure this gets done early to allow the Mother of the Groom equal time to find her dress.
4-6 months out - Mother of the Groom selects her dress (a different color from the Mother of the Bride)
3-4 months out - For the very best selection of styles and colors for “both mothers”, make your selections early enough to allow time to get exactly what you want and the size you need ordered and that can take 8-12 weeks minimum! Don’t forget about possible alterations as well. (*If you wait too long, your only options become what is currently in the store and sizes, styles & colors are very limited.)

Tuxedo / Suits for the Groom & Groomsmen:
4-6 months out - Book an official bride & groom appointment to select the tuxedo/suit style and color. (Do you want the traditional coat, pants & vest look? What color for the tuxedo/suit? Do you prefer a bow tie or a windsor tie and what color? White shirts or colored shirts? Will everyone need to rent shoes?)
2-4 months out - All groomsmen and anyone else needing a tuxedo/suit need to come in to be measured and pay for their orders. (*If any members of your wedding party are from out of town, no worries, they can call in their measurements to us and we can drop ship their order straight to them.)
1 month out - Tuxedo/Suit orders are placed
1 week out - Tuxedo/Suits arrive, final fitting for everyone (*All rentals need to be returned to the store within 3-4 days of the event date to avoid any late fees!)

Hip Chics Formal Wear & Village Tuxedo offers the latest trends in a large selection of prom, bridesmaid and mother's dresses. From glitzy and glam to simple and sweet, we are sure to have a style to meet your every need!

Check out our Website - www.hipchicsformalwear.com

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