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Thanks for taking the time to get to know us! Videographers are the vendors that keep your wedding day alive! There aren't as many videographers out there as photographers, and that's because what we do takes so much experience, skill, and honestly, passion.

As a photographer, I have 13 years of experience, and have served hundreds of clients. Five years ago, we expanded into videography as a core specialty.

What do we get right? Breath visuals, crisp audio, and a unique (read: cookie-cutter) wedding day video. We craft mini movies that weave in the soundtrack from your wedding day, with the very best our lenses can offer, in the way of visuals.

We offer Videography, Licensed Drone/Aerials, Traditional Ceremony Videos, Teasers and the 5-7 Minute Highlight Video, our most popular offering.

Every weekend, we bring the stuff of magic to life for hundreds of brides. Check our reviews at

When's your date? Let me know and let's get the ball rolling.

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