February 2016

February 19, 2016
Bridal Epiphany

As the bride, you are bound to have wedding epiphanies!

When you begin planning your Big Day, you will be struck with a great number of epiphanies that perhaps you never thought you’d experience.

A casual affair can be just as stressful as a fancier one. In the end, the number of choices and details to handle stays more or less the same, so you will have to address them all. What are some of the most revealing things about planning your Big Day?

  • People will start giving you wedding planning advice – regardless of whether or not you actually ask for it. Out of the blue, unsolicited consultations might happen. Try not to get overwhelmed with all the tips and tricks they give you – even when they don’t actually make sense to your particular situation. Stay true to your original vision and go from there.
  • Your season choice is crucial. It will determine which are the freshest flowers and foods for that time. Your bridal gown, bridesmaids’  dresses, venue, pricing, backup plan and a myriad of other things are also secondary details to consider after choosing a time of year. Make sure you choose the right wedding season for your own “I Do’s”!
  • You will talk about your wedding often. Colors, flowers, fabrics and food are some of the constants. And, people around you should listen politely, even if they don’t agree. You will be excited and truly happy, even when the stress and anxiety rise to almost uncontrollable levels.

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