February 2016

February 12, 2016
Who Pays?

Weddings can be quite expensive.

From the floral arrangements to wedding attire, from choosing a venue to tasting the food, there are many costs involved in planning a wedding – when you multiply that by the number of guests, you realize just how pricy a wedding can get.

Who pays for the wedding? There are a few options:

  • The Bride’s Parents: Traditionally, the bride’s parents pay for (mostly) everything. While this alleviates financial stress, it can also cause rifts in decision making and creating a wedding that’s authentically yours. If the groom’s parents can pay for certain items, such as wedding bands and rehearsal dinner, it may be easier to balance out expenses.
  • Both sets of parents pay for (mostly) everything while the couple contributes: Considering most couples are young and may not have created wealth or savings, it’s a natural step to ask parents to help with wedding expenses. Contributing what you can to the cost as a whole can also help you gain more control over what happens and where money is spent.
  • The couple splits the wedding costs: If you want full independence and want to ensure your wedding is truly about you and your choices, you can choose to split the wedding costs between the two of you. From a financial standpoint it may be more difficult, but more and more modern couples are choosing this route. It offers enough freedom to do whatever they wish while also accepting and considering suggestions from others.

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Photo source: flickr.com/ InAweofGod'sCreation

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